Best Things To Do in Norway on Holiday

Head north to Norway for the most beautiful holiday of your life! This country is full of fjords and fun.

Between the beautiful landscapes and the frozen phenomena, you’ll find so many amazing things to do in Norway.

Let’s explore some of the best places to go in Norway so that you don’t miss a thing when planning your holiday.

Most Amazing Things To Do in Norway

Norway is a chilly country that is full of fun and excitement. Known for its fabulous fjords and natural phenomena, you’ll enjoy pleasant sights throughout this entire country.

Check out some of the most fun things to do in Norway that will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

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1. Stand on Kjeragbolten

Woman standing on kjeragbolten

Location: Forsand

If you’re wondering what to do in Norway, and you are one to chase thrills, Kjeragbolten must be added to your itinerary. This rock rests between two cliffs in Southern Norway.

The hike to this destination is among the most famous in the world. It is classified as a strenuous hike, so it is best for more experienced hikers.

2. Camp at Tubakuba

Location: Bergen

You’ll be jumping down the rabbit hole at this campsite. Literally.

Tubakuba was designed by students at the Bergen School of Architecture. This campsite is particularly interesting because families with children are welcome to stay there free of charge.

Each family has the opportunity to stay at Tubakuba once a year. You must apply and be accepted in order to stay.

Non-campers are able to stop by and explore the campsite on a limited basis.

3. Have a Drink at the Ægir Brewery

Location: Flåm

Ægir Brewing Company is an award winning brewery that specializes in creating craft beers that fit perfectly with different types of food.

In addition to the delicious beer, the brewery offers an amazing environment. The building was built on a an old stave church and has architectural elements of Nordic mythology.

4. Chill in the Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

Icecave in Norway

Location: Luster

Caves are one of nature’s greatest gifts to explorers and adventurers, but the Nigardsbreen Ice Cave is on another level.

This ice cave is one of the most beautiful Norway tourist attractions, and is located underneath Norway’s Jostedalsbreen National Park, which is home to the largest glacier on Europe’s mainland.

The beauty of Nigardsbreen Ice Cave is actually credited to global warming. The external melting and internal freezing have created magnificent icicles.

5. Ride a Toboggan at Korketrekkeren

Location: Oslo

You cannot leave Norway without a ride on a toboggan. Lucky for you, Korketrekkeren offers a free place to ride to your heart’s desire! All you’ve got to do is put up about 10-15 euros to rent a sled.

Korketrekkeren is only open when there is enough snow on the ground, so this attraction is best fit for a winter visit to Norway.

6. Take a Drive Down Atlantic Road

Location: Western Norway

Norway’s Atlantic Road is one of the most beautiful routes in the entire nation. This sprawling highway offers phenomenal views of the sunset and the Atlantic Ocean.

Aside from being one of the most romantic drives in the world, it was dubbed the best place to go after a break up. Perhaps the beauty of this location is powerful enough to cure the aches and pains of the heart.

7. Spend the Night at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

The beautiful Sorrisniva ice hotel located outside Alta, Norway.

Location: Alta

Is spending a night in an ice lodge on your bucket list? If it’s not, add it now!

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the northernmost ice lodge in the entire world. Sorrisniva hotel is truly something out of a dream.

This full service hotel is equipped with an ice chapel, restaurant and igloo accommodations. It also offers an array of winter activities, including dog sledding, Northern Light tours and more.

8. Visit the Northernmost Island of Norway

Nordkapp , Norway

Location: Nordkapp

Nordkapp is the the northernmost island in all of Norway. This island is an amazing place to see the Northern Lights since it is so close to the North Pole.

There are so many fun activities on Nordkapp. You can explore the world of birds and king crabs, or go snowmobiling. You might even try deep sea rafting.

Book your entry to the island ahead of your visit so that you don’t miss out on a minute of adventure.

9. Live on the Edge at Trolltunga

man sitting on trolltunga rock above a norwegian fjord.

Location: Odda

If you’re into living life on the edge—like, the very edge—Trolltunga is the spot for you.

Trolltunga, which directly translates to “the troll’s tongue,” is a clif that juts out over a very deep fjord.

This cliff offers a beautiful view of Norway, and can only be reached by a strenuous hike. The path is best traveled by skilled hikers. Be sure to plan your hike in the summer months so that you do not run into ice and snow.

This is not the best attraction for those who are scared of heights.

10. Jump Back in Time at the Iron Age Farm

Location: Stavanger

Do you ever wonder what life was like 2000 years ago? The creators of the Iron Age Farm sure did!

This wonderful farmstead gives visitors a look into the life of those who used to inhabit present day Norway in the years 350 to 550 AD.

This exhibit was created as a replication of the site that archeologists uncovered underneath the site of the present Iron Age Farm.

The Iron Age Farm offers reenactments of different scenes from time to time, including one that involves cooking and eating the food that the people of that time would have enjoyed.

Admission to this attraction is very affordable at 10 euros for adults and 4 euros for seniors, students and children.

11. Spend Time in the Nation’s Capital

Oslo City and street scene with people in Norway

Location: Oslo

Norway definitely has a special capital. Oslo is an amazing city full of symbols and monuments dedicated to the rich Norwegian history.

Oslo is located on the southern coast of Norway and was founded in the year 1040 AD. This city is known as the economic hub of the country since many large corporations are headquartered here.

Since it is on the water, Oslo is an important hotspot for the European maritime industry.

Oslo is known as a “global city” since it is a leader in globalization. Guests from around the world find warm welcome in Norway’s capital.

The culture in Oslo is something else. From delicious dining options to classic Norwegian attractions, this city has got it going on. One of the most impressive accomplishments of this capital is that many of its restaurants are adorned with Michelin Stars.

Oslo is a stop must be including on your journey through Norway.

12. Take a Walk on the Garnet Beach at Mjelle

Panoramic shot of the beach Mjelle in Northern Norway

Location: Bodo

The red beach at Mjelle is absolutely spectacular. The sands of this beach appear to be different shades of pink, red and burgundy at different times.

This beach is an attraction that is off the beaten path. It is quite under appreciated, and most who have visited would call it a hidden gem.

Ironically enough, legend has it that the red tints are caused by jewel dust or vaporized gemstones.

It is more likely that the changing color is actually caused by the cycling of red and white sands that are often carried on and off the beach by strong winds and waves.

13. Ride on the Trondheim CycloCable

Location: Trondheim

Bike riding is fun…until you get to a hill. Luckily, some folks in Trondheim came up with a genius idea: a bike escalator.

The design of the Trondheim CycloCable has gone through a couple of major updates and changes since its creation in the mid 90s, but it remains a cyclers favorite.

If you find yourself bicycling through Trondheim, you’ve got the take a ride up the lift.

14. Drive Through the World’s Longest Tunnel

Laerdal Tunnel in Norway - the longest road tunnel in the world

Location: Aurland

At 24.5 kilometers, the Laerdal Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world. This record breaking tunnel runs under the mountains in western Norway. It connects the cities of Aurland and Laerdal.

Throughout the tunnel, there are rest stops where travelers can pull over to stretch their legs or turn around if need be. These four open pockets are called mountain caves. Each is set up with a special lighting system that has a similar glow to daylight.

The mountain caves were designed to break up the dull drive so that drivers don’t fall asleep.

15. Tour the Major Cities by Hop-on/Hop-off Bus

Location: Ålesund, Stavanger, Geiranger, Oslo

Hop-on/hop-off buses are a great way to see a new city. This sort of tour is particularly popular because it shows you all of the coolest places around town and allows you to take your time at the spots that are most interesting to you.

Hekla offers hop-on/hop-off tours of some of Norway’s major cities, including Ålesund, Stavanger, Geiranger and Oslo. Make sure you book your tour ahead of your arrival!

16. Admire Norwegian Fjords from Aurland Lookout

Stegastein Norway

Location: Aurland

The Aurland Lookout, also called the Stegastein Lookout, offers a phenomenal view of some of Norway’s fjords. This walkway through the clouds is over 2000 feet off the ground.

The Aurland Lookout was designed in 2005 by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen. The lookout’s design includes a rapid drop-off, which is scary to many. While it may seem that a distracted visitor could fall over the edge and plummet to his or her death, there is a protective glass that protects the visitors.

If you can handle the height, this is one of the top places to visit in Norway for its phenomenal views.

17. Marvel at the Beauty of the Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Steinsdalsfossen waterfall in Norway

Location: Kvam

There is something magical about the beauty of a flowing waterfall in Northern Europe. The Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall is one that certainly does not disappoint.

This 50 meter waterfall is a Norwegian favorite. You can walk behind the wall of this waterfall on a cement pathway.

Nighttime is a great time to view this marvelous waterfall. The nighttime sky and glistening moon cause the waterfall to glow with tints of blue and purple.

The best time of year to visit is at the end of the springtime when the snow is melting and the waterfall is the fullest.

18. Make a Pit Stop at the World’s Nicest Rest Area

Location: Gildeskål

If you’re traveling around Ørnes towards Gildeskål, you’ve got to stop at Ureddplassen, Ureddplassen is known as the world’s nicest rest area.

You’re probably thinking “well, how nice can a rest area really be?” You’ve got to stop by and see for yourself!

19. Chill in the Northernmost City in the World

Colorful wooden houses at Longyearbyen in Svalbard, Norway.

Location: Longyearbyen

In Longyearbyen, coats and boats are not optional. This northernmost city was founded in the beginning of the 20th century and is the home to a mere 2100 people. The residents in this town are from over 50 countries around the globe.

One of the most peculiar things about this Longyearbyen is that nobody is allowed to be buried there. This town is so cold that a buried corpse would never decompose properly. The frozen ground would serve as a preserving morgue.

Longyearbyen is said to be one of the most wonderful places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

20. Scream at Edvard Munch’s Grave

Location: Oslo

Okay, so maybe don’t scream at Edvard Munch’s Grave, but you should pay the “Scream” painter a quiet visit.

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian artist from the 20th century. His painting, “the Scream,” was the inspiration of the modern horror character that is the star of many movies.

Stop by Cemetery of our Saviour to offer your respects to the marvelous painter.

21. Visit the Svalbard Seed Vault

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway.

Location: Longyearbyen

Protecting seeds is a very important part of preserving species of plants. The Svalbard Seed Vault is an establishment that is responsible for just that.

This seed bank is the largest secure seed storage in the entire world. This vault is the home to the seeds of over 4000 plant species.

Contact the seed bank to find out more about visiting.

22. Enjoy a Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience

Location: Tønsvik

You can’t leave Norway before seeing some of its majestic reindeer.

The Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Park offers a neat experience that gives you a peek into the Sami culture. At this park, you can take a tour on a reindeer drawn sleigh or feed the beautiful creatures.

Which reindeer experience will you choose?

23. Experience the World’s Strongest Whirlpool

Saltstraumen sea whirlpools natural phenomenon in Norway

Location: Bodo

Saltstraumen Maelstrom is the world’s most powerful whirlpool. Many people explore this whirlpool by boat or snorkeling, but both of these activities must be done with extreme caution.

The whirlpool is also known for its wonderful fishing. Many fish for halibut in these strong waters.

The tide at Saltstraumen Maelstrom becomes the strongest around the vernal equinox and the monthly full moon.

24. Get Spooked at Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum

Location: Oslo

The Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, located in a museum with the same name, is one of the most eerie spots in Norway. In it lies the ashes of the Norwegian artist who created the grand mausoleum.

The spookiest part of Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum is the echo take rings with even the slightest whisper.

25. Visit Bastøy Prison

Location: Horten

Bastøy Prison is said to be one of the nicest, most comfortable prisons in the entire world.

This low security prison is secluded on a chilly island off the coast of southern Norway.

The prison systems in much of the world focus on punishment rather than development and rehabilitation. Life at Bastøy Prison is quite unique.

At Bastøy Prison, prisoners live a relatively comfortable life. They spend their days fishing, farming and feasting on delicious meals.

This prison is set up to teach the inmates how to function properly in the little self-contained community before going back to the real world.

Certain parts of the island are open to the public.

26. Learn About Norway’s Eerie Orbs

Location: Holtålen

In Norway, there have been quite a few reports about mysterious orb sightings. In order to get down to the root of this, Hessdalen AMS has opened as a UFO research facility.

The facility is open for tours, so be sure to schedule your tour ahead of time!

27. Stop by the Mini Bottle Gallery

Location: Oslo

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do? Check out Oslo’s own Mini Bottle Gallery.

The Mini Bottle Gallery serves as both a museum and “a venue for weddings, parties and more. You can plan an event here or just stop by for a drink.

With 53,000 mini bottles on exhibit, there is much to see! Many of the bottles are actually filled with different substances, from old fruit to the remains of small animals.

28. Check out the Urnes Stave Church

The Stave Church of Urnes, Norway

Location: Luster

The Urnes Stave Church is among the oldest stave churches in Norway.

“Urnes” is used to indicate a link to the vikings. Stave is a building style that is made of wooden planks and beams.

This church is particularly interesting because it’s been determined that the lumber used to built this church was cut at some point in the middle of the 12th century.

Urnes Stave Church is a symbol of Norwegian and Viking history.

29. Marvel at the Ocean’s Artwork at Kannesteinen Rock

Stone with unusual form at the shore in Norway with sunset in the background

Location: Vågsøy

The Kannesteinen Rock is a marvelous attraction on the western coast of Norway. It is known for its unique shape.

This rock has a mushroom-like shape from years and years of being battered by the ocean waves. It is a wonder that this jutting figures has withstood the wicked winds of Vågsøy that cause the rough current.

If you find yourself on this westside of the country, you’ve got to stop by Kannesteinen Rock.

30. Appreciate the Human Body at Vigeland Sculpture Park

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture park in Oslo, Norway.

Location: Oslo

Vigeland Sculpture Park, which surrounds the Vigeland Museum, is full of bodies. The bodies are fully nude. They display the movement of the beautiful human body in an array of activities and motions.

The statues at the Vigeland Sculpture Park as made of several materials, including wrought iron, granite and bronze. This park’s plans were started in 1924, but the bulk of the work was completed in the 40s.

Nearly 100 years later, these mighty bodies still stand tall. You can stop by the park to check them out at any hour of the day.

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