26 Top Things To See & Do in Lithuania

Are you working on an itinerary for your trip to Lithuania? If you are, you’re in the right place! We’ve got the info that will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Grab your pen and paper because we’re about to spill some of the best spots in this little Baltic state. Are you ready to find out some of the best things to do in Lithuania?

What to Do in Lithuania on Holiday

If you’re heading over to Northern Europe, you cannot miss Lithuania.

This little Baltic country is nestled between Latvia, Poland and Balerus. It’s got a bit of a coastline and some phenomenal cities, including Vilnius, which is its largest city and temporary capital.

The Gate of Dawn, a city gate of Vilnius, Lithuania.

What Makes Lithuania a Must-See Country?

Lithuania is full of museums, art and wonderful cultural attractions. Since this country was ruled by the Soviets for so long, you’ll find many symbols of mixed culture and remnants of war. The resilience of the nation is clear in many works of art and attractions

If you are down for some spooky fun, Lithuania is right up your ally! There are many mysterious landmarks and attractions that blow the minds of visitors and locals alike.

No matter what you’re into, you’re sure to find a ton to do in Lithuania.

We’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Lithuania so that your holiday will be packed with fun times and amazing experiences.

1. Explore the Art at Europos Park

Location: Joneikiškės

Europos Park is a Lithuanian favorite. On this property, you will find a variety of things to do.

The park is accompanied by a museum and an artist house. It contains hundreds of pieces of artwork that were created by magnificent artists from around the world.

Much of the artwork at Europos Park is comprised of unique shapes and stunning characteristics. The experience is much different that then one you’d have at a typical art museum.

The master behind this collection is Gintaras Karosas. This Lithuanian sculptor began curating this wonderful art park in the early 1990s.

While the center of Europe is marked by monuments in plaques in a couple other locations, the real geographic center of Europe is located in Europos Park. Karosas created a wonderful monument that indicates and celebrates this point.

Admission to the park is only 11 euro.

2. Learn the History of Beekeeping

Location: Musteika

Saving the bees is an environmental movement that has spread around the world in recent years. Protecting these itty bitty creatures is very important because they pollinate the plants that serve as our food and the food of our food.

The Lithuanians were ahead of the game when it comes to beekeeping. The Ancient Beekeeping Museum has served as an important Lithuanian landmark since 1984.

The Ancient Beekeeping Museum is located in Aukštaitija National Park. It is open to visitors who are interested in learning the history and importance of beekeeping.

You’ve got to buzz over to this museum while you’re in Lithuania.

3. Take a Walk Along the Dead Dunes

View of dunes and Baltic Sea. Curonian Spit in Lithuania

Location: Neringos Savivaldybė

The Dead Dunes in Lithuania are among the coolest natural phenomena in this country. This spot is part of a national park and is characterized by its sand dunes that move with the wind.

There are two cemeteries that have been lost in the dunes, which are also called “Curonian Spit,” due to the ever moving sand.

Located on the Baltic sea, this strip of land belongs to both Lithuania and Russia. It is safe and legal for visitors to enter Russia while walking along the path.

4. Get Spiritual at Pyramid of Merkine

Location: Varėnos Rajono Savivaldybė

If you are striving to tap into your spirituality, you’ve got to stop by the Pyramid of Merkine.

This magnificent monument is the combination of a pyramid and a sphere. It is equipped with divine structures that are meant to rejuvenate and recharge the energy of its visitors. The Pyramid of Merkine is the perfect place to meditate or pray.

Since this is a spiritual safe place, you should only go to this spot if you are willing to respect and honor those who are making themselves vulnerable for their spiritual experience.

5. Learn the Legend of the Church of St. Anne

Exteriour of St. Anne's Church, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Location: Vilnius

Can you imagine stealing a church? Legend has it the Napoleon Bonepart did.

The Church of St. Anne in Lithuania’s capital is a wonderful gothic masterpiece that was rumored to catch the eye of Napoleon Bonepart. People say that he wanted to have this beautiful church moved to France.

While this is no solid evidence of Bonepart’s desire to steal the church, it is certain that he found Vilnius to be a lovely place. He wrote a letter back to his wife expressing his admiration while he was passing through.

6. See Stars at Lithuanian Ethnocosmology Museum

Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology

Location: Kulionys

Astronomy and cosmology have played a huge role in Lithuanian history since it’s been the location of some extensive research in the field.

There is a very special Lithuanian place was originally designed as an observatory but quickly became the birthplace of ethnocosmology.

Ethnocosmology, which was thought up in the process of designing the Lituanian Ethnocosmology Museum, is basically the study between the relationship of people and their ties with the universe.

Today, the Lithiuanian Ethnocosmology Museum is open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to examine the starry skies in search of answers of the questions that swarm their heads. They are also encouraged to look to the sky to help them come up with new questions that may help them expand their souls.

7. Take a Ride on the Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway

Funicular Railway in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Location: Kaunas

Lithuania puts some FUN in public transportation. The Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway is one of the most fun ways to get around Kaunas, a city in Lithuania.

This little cable car is both practical and the perfect backdrop for a cute picture!

8. Creep Your Way Through Kulgrinda

Location: Lithuania

When Lithuanians set out to protect themselves against its numerous invaders throughout the years, they built down. An intricate set of underwater tunnels and hideaways were created so that people could escape their attackers with no trace or detection.

This secret trail is called Kulgrinda.

If you want to trek some of these old routes, you’ll have to as a local for directions. Normal tours are not given. It is worth asking around for the secret information about this trail.

9. Experience the Kaunas Museum for the Blind

Lithuania, Old Sankt Michael the Archangel Church in Kaunas

Location: Kaunas

Here at Hekla, we love attractions that are super inclusive. That’s why we’re so excited to share the museum for the blind with you.

The Kaunas Museum for the Blind was created to be enjoyed by those who are hard of sight or simply cannot see at all. It appeals to the sense of hearing, smell and touch so that people who are blind can have a nearly traditional museum experience in way that works with their strengths.

Those who are able to see are now welcome to enjoy this experience, as well.

Adult tickets are 3 euro. Children and seniors’ are 1.5 euro.

10. Visit the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Location: Vilnius

Lithuania’s rough history has given it quite a bit of personality. This brave personality is showcased at the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights.

Some of the most famous exhibits in this museum include the KGB prison and execution room. This museum showcases a painful history that allows Lithuanians and tourists alike to remember how fortunate they are to be free.

There are several tiers of tickets available for those who wish to visit the museum. Check out their prices on their site.

11. Take a Hike Up the Hill of Witches

Location: Juodkrantė

Hiking is a great way to pass the time when you’re in Lithuania. The Hill of Witches is one of the most interesting hiking trails in the whole country.

The trails are decked with wood carvings of mystical creatures, such as mysterious little people who look like garden gnomes and some beams that resemble totem poles.

No witches actually live on the trails. The location got its name becuase of its affiliation to some pagan festivals.

Grab a bottle of water and hike to your heart’s content on this spooky trail.

12. Celebrate a Rock Hero at the Frank Zappa Memorial

Location: Vilnius

Frank Zappa is a Lithuanian rock legend who is given quite a bit of hard earned honor by the Lithuanian people.

If rock n’ roll are your jam, you’ve got to check out the Frank Zappa Memorial in the capital.

13. Make a Stop at the Niurkoniai Chapel

Location: Pušaloto Seniūnija

Looking for another spooky spot? Stop by the Niurkoniai Chapel!

Built upon some farmland that was included in a dowry, Joseph Vavžeckis built this little church in memory of his late brother who was a key player in revolting against the Russian.

This historic chapel was once beautifully decorated, but with time, the insides have diminished to dust. It is the resting place of many members of the Vavžeckis family.

THe Niurkoniai Chapel is nationally protected, but you are free to stop by!

14. Appreciate the Art at the Orvidas Garden

Location: Salantai

Under the harsh rule of Stalin, it was very difficult for those living under Russian rule to express themselves through art. Luckily, a few people were able to create and preserve some magnificent artwork.

One of those people was Vilius Orvidas.

This man harnessed the repression and created something magical. He carved wonderful garden art that still stands today!

You can catch a bus in Salantai that will take you to the garden.

15. Stop By Lithuania’s Spunkiest House

Location: Žagarė

Funky art is a wonderful part of the Lithuanian culture. The Pan House is no exception.

The Pan House is exactly what it sounds like: a house covered in pans. The master behind the Pan House had very clear intentions: he wanted to prove his unconventionality.

After being reprimanded for not abiding by these strict uniform at his workplace, Edmundas Vaiciulis jumped through hoops to prove his individuality. After several wacky art projects, his Pan House became his most significant.

16. Visit the Devils’ Museum

Kaunas in Lithuania on a map

Location: Kaunas

If being surrounded by 3000 artistic interpretations of Satan sounds like a good time to you, then you’ve got to stop by the Devils’ Museum in Kaunas.

This dark museum features a multimedia devil display with works of art created from paper, glass, ceramic, wood and more.

One of the Devils’ Museum’s most twisted works of art is a depiction of Hitler skipping merrily with the Devil around a field of none other than human remains.

You’re definitely going to need a dark taste to appreciate this museum.

17. Review the Constitution of the Republic of Uzupis

sign at the entrance of the district Uzupis in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Location: Vilnius

The Republic of Uzupis is an interesting area of Lithuania’s capital. It actually identifies as an independent nation!

This small area has a flag, anthem, constitution, army and president. Its independence day is April 1st, which causes many to suspect that this little nation is nothing more than a silly joke.

The Republic of Uzupis has a constitution that mirrors the sentiment of the nation’s three mottos: “Don’t Fight,” “Don’t Win” and “Don’t Surrender.”

One clause of the constitution, which is posted on the city’s walls, states “A dog has the right to be a dog.” Whether it is a joke or not, this constitution is worth a read.

18. Celebrate Women’s Suffrage with Female Pedestrian Lights

Legs of woman in the street of Vilnius, Lithuania

Location: Vilnius

In light of the ongoing battle for equal treatment of men and women, the crosswalk lights at a Lithuanian street corners have been changed from the traditional male icon to a female icon.

While this simple sign of feminism may seem like a nonchalant statement of equality, it represents much more.

The female lights were installed to celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage in Lithuania.

You can find these lights at crosswalks all around Vilnius.

19. Take Pictures with the Mermaid of Užupis

he bronze sculpture of the Mermaid VILNIUS, LITHUANIA.

Location: Vilnius

The Mermaid of Užupis in Vilnius is a statue that portrays a sad little siren who sits alongside the Vilnia River.

There is a myth surrounding this lovely mermaid that suggests that men who cannot resist the cry of the siren will spend the rest of their lives in the capital’s Old Town.

20. Check Out the Penny Pyramid

Location: Vilnius

Building little towers out of loose change can be a fun little way to pass time, but can you imagine stacking one million pennies?

When Lithuania adopted the euro as their national currency back in 2015, two students decided to build a memorial to commemorate this change.

Vytautas Jakštas and Domas Jokubauskis stacked one million one cent coins. When you break it down, their tower is worth 10,000 euros.

21. Stop by Lithuania’s Coolest Ghost Town

Location: Kudirkos Naumiestis

World War II left a lasting impact on the entire world, but Lithuania was left with a ghostly reminder of what once was.

Schirwindt was a bumping town when the Germans occupied Lithuania, but when they left after the war, nothing was left but a town with no people.

This quiet shell of a city is a neat place to stop by when you’re in the Kudirkos Naumiestis area.

22. Get to Know Lithuania Through Its Cuisine

Rustic Cepelinai, a specialty Lithuanian cuisine.

Lithuanian’s have a lot of delicious options when it comes to meal time.

Inspired by their local produce, you’ll find lots of dishes that have potato and mushroom bases.

You’ve got to try their potato dumplings, which are known as “Cepelinai,” and their Šaltibarščiai, which is a cold beet soup.

For dessert, you’re going to want to try Kibinai and Spurgos. You’ll be quite pleased with this interesting cuisine.

23. Live Through History at Memel-Nord Museum

Location: Klaipėda

Jump back in history at the Memel-Nord Museum. This museum brings World War II to life with several war reenactments and exhibits.

SInce the museum doesn’t have a website, it is best to call ahead to make sure the museum is open when you plan to stop in.

Their number is +370-630-20263.

24. Drop a Pin at the Center of Europe

Location: Paberžės Seniūnija

There is a museum in Paberžės Seniūnija that claims to be the geographical center of Europe. It has many monuments and historical exhibits.

Unfortunately, it’s been proven that the original calculations were off and this museum is not the center.

Either way, this museum is still full of cool exhibits and wonderful landscape that you’ve got to check out!

25. Let Your Superstition Run Wild at Stebuklas Miracle Tile


Location: Vilnius

“Stebuklas” is the Lithuanian word for “miracle.” In the Cathedral Square of downtown Vilnius, there is a single tile printed with this very word.

Visitors are supposed to go to this tile to make a wish. The proper wishing procedure is to stand on the tile, whisper your wish and spin around in a circle.

Head over to test if the wishing myth is true!

26. Pay Your Respects at the Hill of Crosses

This is the Hill Of Crosses Jurgaiciu Meskuiciu Siauliai, Lithuania

Location: Meškuičių Seniūnija

Lithuania’s Hill of Crosses is an important religious symbol in Lithuania as it is the final destination of a 12 kilometer pilgrimage.

The hill is decorated with 100,000 unique crosses, along with symbols of the Virgin Mary and an array of crucifixes.

If you have time to carry a cross and make the pilgrimage it is certainly worth it. Whether you’re religious or not, this decorated hill is a sight to be seen.

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Visit Lithuania

If you haven’t booked your flight yet, now is the time to do so. Lithuania is seriously one of the neatest countries in Northern Europe, and it would be a shame to miss it.

Whether you decide to check out some of the more touristy attractions or simply kick back and snack your way around the country, a good time is a guarantee.

Which of these amazing things will you be adding to your itinerary for your trip to Lithuania?

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