25 Amazing Things To Do in Denmark on Your Next Trip

Denmark is one of the most spectacular Scandinavian nations. This little country is tucked between Germany and Sweden and is often overlooked by many people who travel to Europe.

Between the rich history, amazing modern art and the mysterious Norse mythology, you’ll never find yourself short on fun things to do in Denmark.

Looking for the Best Things to Do in Denmark?

Denmark is full of fun destinations and activities. From old landmarks to vibrant art, you’ll never fall short of excitement.

We know that creating the perfect itinerary for a new place can be a bit tricky, so we’ve narrowed our list of favorite spots in Denmark to the 25 best. You’ll find many exciting ways to fully submerge yourself in Danish culture.

1. Think Pink at Superkilen

Stripes on the ground in Superkilen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Location: Copenhagen

Picture this: somebody takes an airplane full of Pepto Bismol pink paint and dumps it on your city. Sounds a bit wacky, right?

Superkilen park is a corner of Copenhagen that is decorated with a variety of designs. From the actual streets to the umbrellas that line the sidewalks, everything is decorated. There are three main areas in this vibrant section of the city.

While the Black Market and Green Park are beautiful, the Red Square is a particularly happy place. The Red Square is painted bright pink with blocks of red shades that give it dimension. It is hard to have a bad day when the world around you is so bright and beautiful.

This area of Copenhagen was inspired by the cultural and ethnic diversity of the people who live there. Traditional art forms from around the world are represented in Superkilen.

2. Dine and Ride at Tivoli Gardens

Happy teenage boy smiling after a good day in amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Location: Copenhagen

The magic of Denmark spills over into their amusement parks. Tivoli Gardens is a Danish classic.

Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the entire world, and it’s still operating!

This amusement park is particularly popular because it offers a fun and entertainment for the entire family. There are rides for the kiddos, booze for the adults and food for all!

Tivoli Gardens is included in the Copenhagen City Card, so if you’re planning on spending a couple of days in Denmark, you may want to grab a few of those for the family.

3. Get Spooked by the Tales of the Haunted Voergaard Castle

Location: Dronninglund

In the 16th century, the concept of a strong, independent woman was so foreign that it was believe that any women that fit the mold must be a witch.

Ingeborg Skeel was no exception to this. Although those who knew Ingeborg claimed she was a lovely lady and an excellent business woman, the locals accused her of many cruel crimes, including murder.

Ingeborg bought the Voergaard Castle in the mid 1500s. She remained here until her death.

When she died, a priest performed an exorcism because that was standard for those who were believed to be witches. History shows that this woman actually gave back regularly to her community, but her neighbors wholeheartedly believed she was doing the work of the devil in her home.

Whether the castle is truly haunted is up for debate, but the art and furniture that remains today are certainly worth a visit.

4. Travel to the Northernmost Point of Denmark

Skagen, the northernmost tip of Denmark

Location: Skagen

Grenen is a natural sandbar that is occurs at the northernmost point of Denmark. This sandbar is special because it also marks the meeting for the Kattegat and Skagerak Seas.

The beaches are beautiful on both sides of the peninsula, but the sea on the east is more suitable for swimming and wading. The current tends to be a bit rougher on the west.

5. Spend the Day at the World’s Oldest Amusement Park

Group of friends playing a fishing game at Bakken, Denmark

Location: Klampenborg

Amusement parks are inherently fun, but Bakken is a bit of game changer. This amusement park is living history.

In 1583, Bakken was the first amusement park to open in the entire world. Bakken is certainly full of fun and excitement. From the classic carousel to the Jeep “safari,” this park is a child’s wonderland.

If you’re looking for some grown-up activities, you can certainly find some cool places to eat, drink and be merry in Bakken. If you’re a grown-up who is more into the amusements, that’s perfectly fine, too!

6. Take a Dip at the Kastrup Sea Bath

Location: Kastrup

Denmark is known for its churches, cities and history, but the danish beaches and beautiful views of the sea are largely forgotten.

If you visit Denmark in the warmer months, you’ve got to head to the beach and check out the Kastrup Sea Bath. Even if swimming isn’t your favorite, this structure is interesting enough to view from the shore.

The Sea Bath is formed by a circular boardwalk that juts out from the shore. Swimmers can wade or jump off the diving platform

7. Cross Your Rainbow Panorama

Location: Aarhus

One of the most unique works of art that Denmark has to offer is Your Rainbow Panorama. This rainbow walkway loops around the top of a building. Its walls are made of colored windows that allow you to look over the city with different filters from different perspectives.

Your Rainbow Panorama was created by Olafur Eliasson. His concept won a competition and the prize was the permission to bring his ideas to life.

This is truly one of the most spectacular works of art in all of Denmark, and you should definitely make a stop in Aarhus to enjoy it.

8. Search for the Forgotten Giants

Location: Ishøj

There are six wooden giants scattered around Ishøj, Denmark. Thomas Dambo created these mammoth figures entirely from recycled and repurposed materials.

The giants were created and added to a special map that was designed to get people out of their comfort zones and into exploration mode.

Make sure you download your map of the giants before you go!

9. Stop by the Trelleborg Viking Ring Fortress

A remake of a viking house at Trelleborg - a viking fortification from circa 980 near Slagelse, Denmark

Location: Slagelse Municipality

The Trelleborg Viking Ring Fortress is a viking community that dates back to the 10th century.

King Harald built this ring shaped fortress during a war between his men and his sons. The structure of the grounds was meant to offer security for his army and for his people.

10. Examine the Mummified Grauballe Man

Location: Højbjerg

Get a glimpse of the Iron Age by examining the mummified cadaver of the Grauballe Man. This man was preserved in peat bog, which forms an organic fossil-like substance.

Historians have deduced that this man had not died naturally, but was killed as a sacrifice. His naked body and slit throat the evidence that led them to this conclusion.

The Grauballe Man has fiery red hair, but the color is thought to have been caused by a reaction from the bog.

11. Indulge in the Mystery of the Throne of Denmark

Location: Copenhagen

Unicorns aren’t real…or are they?

According to Danish legend, they are. The Throne of Denmark, dating back to the late 1600s, is said to be made of unicorn horns.

This mysterious throne was designed with inspiration from the biblical Throne of Solomon. This luxurious throne is surrounded by sculptures of lions and used to be used for Danish coronation ceremonies.

12. Hop into the Fairy Tale of The Little Mermaid

The little Mermaid on a stone in Copenhagen, Denmark

Location: Copenhagen

Did you know that several classic fairy tales were written in Denmark’s capital? The Little Mermaid is one of them.

On the harbor in downtown Copenhagen, there is a beautiful statue of the Little Mermaid. This work of art was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s beautiful siren who traded her voice for legs so that she could live on the land with the love of her life.

13. Explore the Beauty of Limestone Mines

Limestone Mines in Mønsted, Denmark

Location: Mønsted

Have you ever considered the beauty of a land below earth’s surface? The limestone mines at Mønsted Kalkgruber offer a super unique way to spend your day.

Wander through kilometers and kilometers of paths in the largest limestone mine in the world. Get up close and personal with thousands of bats.

Exploring caves is such a unique way to spend your day. You’ll create some of the most unique memories from your trip in this land under the earth’s surface.

14. Overlook the Capital from the Church of Our Savior

Traveling in the famous Vor Frelser Kirke, Copenhagen around Autumn season

Location: Copenhagen

The serpentine spire of Copenhagen’s Church of Our Savior offers one of the most phenomenal views in the city.

Climbing the spire takes 400 steps. Over 60,000 people make this climb every year. The breathtaking view is worth the breathtaking journey to the top.

This attraction is best avoided in the winter since a large portion of the spire is outside. The church prohibits climbing throughout most of December and all of January and February.

Admission to the Church of Our Savior is just a few euros, but it is free for those who hold a Copenhagen City Card.

15. Visit the Lego House

Lego blocks that you can build with in the Lego House in Billund, Denmark

Location: Billund

Many children and adults enjoy creating buildings and cities out of legos. Usually, these creations are built solely for play or entertainment, but the Lego House in Billund uses the design in real life.

This life sized museum is built of over twenty large rectangular “bricks” that were designed to look like colorful legos stacked on top of one another.

The structure is made of normal building materials, not real legos, but it has rooms full of lego creations inside.

This town is known as the birthplace of Lego, and the Lego House is just a jaunt away from the original Legoland Resort.

16. Peek into the Minds of the Nazis

Location: Nibe

The Wehrmacht Graffiti on the back of the “Twin House” is a bit of a strange attraction, but interesting nonetheless.

The back wall of the Twin House holds a slice of history that many people do not consider. It gives a look into the mind of Nazi soldiers.

When Germany invaded Denmark during WWII, Nazi soldiers were tasked with controlling the food supply of the people. Since Denmark’s population was relatively peaceful and compliant, the soldiers did not have much work to do.

The idle hands became bored and etched messages into the walls of the Twin House while on duty. Some messages were simply names and dates but others were actually anti-war messages.

If you find yourself in Nibe, you should certainly take a few minutes to stop by and see this out-of-the-box piece of history.

17. Stop by the Viking Ship Museum

reconstruction of viking ships in the fjiord of Roskilde in Denmark

Location: Roskilde

Step into the Viking Age at Denmark’s Viking Ship Museum. Learn about the lives of the Norse seafarers.

Skim through 1000 years of history by exploring five Skuldelev ships and five reconstructions. During the spring and summer, the Viking Ship Museum offers boat rides that bring the viking history to life.

The museum is equipped with many exhibits and two dining options. The Viking Ship Museum is a great place to take the whole family.

18. Navigate the Samsø Labyrinten

Location: Samsø

Are into mazes and puzzles? If you are, the Samsø Labyrinten is the perfect place for you. This non-toxic garden and maze is a great destination for challenging your mind while connecting to nature.

The labyrinth is open to visitors from anywhere, but it is also a very popular spot for school field trips and team building exercises for businesses.

Whether you bring your family, friends or teammates, navigating the Samsø Labyrinten is a great way to spend your day.

19. Explore the World at Verdenskortet

Hobro city road sign in Denmark

Location: Hobro

Verdenskortet is one of the most unique attractions in the entire world. In fact, it is the entire world. This park is famous for its map of the world made entirely of soil and rocks.

For 25 years, Søren Poulsen dedicated his life to creating this work of art. This unique map was inspired from Poulsen’s time spent abroad.

This magnificent creation was built with just a few simple tools, all of which were operated manually. Poulsen added the soil to his late to create the continents.

Today, you can explore the “world” by row boats or you can play mini golf along the shores.

Verdenskortet is a family friendly destination.

20. Travel to your Childhood at the Velling Koller Fairy Tale Gardens

Location: Bryup

Denmark is known as the birthplace of may famous fairy tales. There is something simply magical about this country, so it is no surprise that many writers have been so deeply moved and inspired.

Velling Koller Fairy Tale Garden is a theme park that was created in the 1960s to pay homage to the magnificent fairy tales that brought the magic of Denmark to life.

The castles, game booths and grounds were never upkept and slowly began to deteriorate. The theme park morphed into the remains of a theme park, and visitors started to come to see the remnants of what used to be.

Since the original components of Velling Koller Fairy Tale Garden have become too dilapidated and unsafe, many have been restored and repurposed. The land has recently been revived as a campground so visitors can enjoy it in a new way.

21. Indulge in Norse Mythology at the Troll Church

Location: Nibe

Scandinavian folklore and norse mythology are full of tales about little creatures called trolls. The Troldkirken, or “Troll Church,” is a rock formation that is said to have been built by trolls.

This church is made of stones that way up to 15,000 pounds and is thought to date back to some point between 3500-2800 BCE.

How tiny little trolls—or even normal-sized people—could lift boulders of that magnitude is truly a mystery. It seems like there is only one possible explanation behind the building of this rock church: magic.

Do you believe in trolls?

22. Explore the Evolution of Noses

Nasothek Nose Collection in Glyptoteket copenhagen, Denmark

Location: Copenhagen

Have you ever dreamt of a wall full of 100 noses? Sounds pretty strange, right?

The Nasothek Nose Collection at the Glyptotek art museum of Copenhagen was created with the intention of displaying the evolution of noses through history and exemplifying how noses vary across ethnic backgrounds.

Many of the noses on display in this exhibit fell off of the museum’s old Greek and Roman statues and have been conserved.

What sets this exhibit apart is its imperfect perfection. One hundred “broken” parts have been put together to make something beautiful and meaningful.

You’ve got to stop by this steller sniffer exhibit at Glyptotek Art Museum.

23. Climb the Stairs of the Round Tower

Skyline of Copenhagen, Denmark with decorative fence, photo taken from The Round Tower, popular old city landmark and viewpoint

Location: Copenhagen

If you are ready to break a sweat and view the nation’s capital from above, the Round Tower is the attraction for you.

Grab a drink and set forth on your journey to the top of Copenhagen’s Round Tower.

Rundetaarn, which is Danish for “Round Tower,” was built in the 1600s, making it the oldest observatory in all of Europe.

Admission to the Round Tower is included in the Copenhagen City Card. This is one of Denmark’s most popular attractions, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.

24. Visit an Ancient Viking Burial Grounds

Lidholm Høje in North Jylland, Denmark

Location: Nørresundby

From the outside, Lindholm Høje seems to be a field full of rocks forming beautiful designs and patterns, but history reveals so much more.

The rock patterns at Lindholm Høje mark the graves of hundreds of fallen vikings. 682 vikings have been laid to rest in this burial ground.

In addition to the bodies of these ancient people, many artifacts from the Viking Age have been unearthed in this field. Archeologists found a plethora of stone ships.

Lindholm Høje is the perfect place to spend the afternoon if you’re a history buff or a viking aficionado.

25. Explore Denmark’s Capital

Copenhagen, Denmark. New Harbour canal and entertainment famouse street

Location: Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital is one of the most phenomenal cities in the world. Copenhagen has been named the happiest city in the world by many publications.

This city has a rich history with a magical feel, and it is often described as having an atmosphere where rustic meets sophisticated.

Some of the most famous spots in Copenhagen include the Little Mermaid, the colorful houses of Nyhavn, the Round Tower and the countless palaces, castles and cathedrals.

No matter where in Denmark you want to explore, be sure to plan for a few full days in the nation’s capital.

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See You in Denmark!

It would be a shame to go a lifetime without visiting this sweet little country. From its happy capital to its amazing art that ranges from medieval to modern, there is so much to do and see.

Whether you take a tour or travel solo, you certainly should not miss all of the amazing things to do in Denmark. This country is jam packed with such magnificent sites and attractions.

What are you waiting for? Book your flight to Denmark and start planning your Danish holiday today!

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