Red Deer Safari One-day tour

Our partner: Naturguide Tiveden


 Welcome to an evening in the realm of the red deers. In autumn the red deers have their
mating season. In the evening we watch for herds of red deers as well as mighty
and strong bulls. In the sunset the bulls make their loud and typical mating
calls sounding like monsters. We look for fighting bulls during this exciting
evening. Dinner is included. 

Near Tiveden hirds of red deer thrive and during this evening we
experience them during their mating season. The bulls start their howling by
before sunset to signal other bulls that the females and the territory is
theirs only. Out in the landscape you can hear the bulls clashing. The evening
starts with an outdoor dinner. 

During and after the outdoor dinner you will learn about the
life or the red deer, the landscape where they live and also where to go to
visit nature around where we are. So you are ready to come back and explore
some more of our nature. We enjoy a dinner with dessert, of course drinks are

There after we head out for a safari tour to look for herds of
red deers as well as single bulls and there is a chance to experience a couple
of bulls fighting. It is a mystical and exciting feeling to walk in the woods
and hear the mighty bulls sounding their loud calls nearby and in the distance.
A closer monster call encounter is hard to get elsewhere. Welcome to join
Naturguide Tiveden to experience the mating season of the red deer.

  This includes

A dinner and drinks are included. All transports during the tour is included. Binoculars are provided by the guide.
The guide will accompany you during the complete tour.

Info in short

Warm clothing is necessary. Customer has to book at the latest two days before the tour takes place

Time: Start 16:00 hrs and 15:00 hrs
Place: The guided tour takes place in northern Tiveden
Price: 1 500 SEK/adult, 600 SEK/child
Participants: Maximum 8 persons

What´s Included

Food and drinks


Gear for watching/spotting

What to bring

Good shoes

Warm clothing

Insect repellant


Video camera

Additional information

Bring warm clothing as well as rain clothing

Know that we are looking for wild animals, we cannot guarantee animals to be spotted, just improving the chances

Bring insect repellant

Walks are short and easy


Red deer safari in northern Tiveden
More details

Red deer safari in northern Tiveden

1500/1600 Meet up at the meeting point

Introduction, presentations & expectations

We head out to the place where we will have the dinner

Dinner and interesting things to know about the red deers and the nature that surrounds.

Short hike in the lands of the red deer

Safari to look for red deer

Another short hike to listen to the red deers as sun sets

Heading back to the meet up point

2000/2100 The experience ends