Night Jar Concert One-day tour

Our partner: Naturguide Tiveden


At the end of May and in June the mystical European Nightjar starts its special calling at sunset as to greet the summer night. Come along with us to our concert lounge in the wild where we enjoy a dinner. To be continued with listening to the nightjars concert and propably encounter one of the singers!

In the early summer, at the end of May the European Nightjar returns from Africa (as far as Namibia!) to Sweden and Scandinavia. The mating season starts and continues in June where the males plays their mystical and special calling with start at sunset. Guests usually resembles this unique call as like an alien or a synthesizer concert.

In the old days the people thought that this bird which flew close to the cows at night was a thief milker! In German it is called Ziegenmilcher (the thief milker). The explanation is that the nightjar hunted insects whom where attracted of the cows. The nightjar spends the summer in Scandinavia to breed and nest and winters in Africa.

During the summer the nightjar hunts for insects like crazy during the summer nights. It has got a big mouth to store all the insects. You have got the opportunity to accompany our guide in the early summer night to listens to the nightjars magical concert. The bird is curious and usually do fly-bys or land closely so the chance to see it is good.

We start off at our nature lounge by the fire where you get to learn more about the night jar and its life. We have dinner with drinks and dessert. Of course there are vegetarian alternatives. Coffee tea and syrup is also included. Then we head out to meet the ensemble of the night for the concert. Nightjar concert in the wilderness.

The tour is about 5 hrs.

This includes

Binoculars and insect hoods included. A meal and drinks are included. Bring insect repellent and warm clothing. Good shoes, hiking boots or rubber boots. All transports included during the safari.

Transfer from train stations and airports are possible.

Duration: Start kl. 19:00-00:00
Price: 1 000 SEK/adults, 400 SEK/child
Participants: Max 8 persons

Dates available for booking

Fridays 20-05-29 & 20-06-12 | Start 19:00 hrs

What´s Included

Food and drinks are included



Insect net hoods

What to bring

Bring insect repellent 

Warm clothing (evenings can be cold)

Covering clothing

Good shoes, hiking boots or rubber boots.


Video camera

Additional information

In this season and time of the day that for experience mosquitos and gnats will be plentifull

It is important to wear covering clothing as well a insect repellant

Our pavillion is covered by a dense insect net so it is safe - outside you wear our insect hoods as well as repellant


Nightjar concert in Tiveden
More details

Nightjar concert in Tiveden

We meet up at 1900

We go out to an area where the night jar lives and later in the evening will play

We will do a short and easy hike in this area

The guide will make you a outdoor dinner over the fire

You will learn about the night jars, their lives, migration etcetera

As the night falls, the birds will start playing and if you are lucky there will be curious ones that will come close

Around midnight we end the tour