Black Grouse Courship Lekk One-day tour

Our partner: Naturguide Tiveden


Early morning black grouse courtship lekk within close sight, dressed to kill these beautiful birds fly in to dance and fight at a magnificent marsh in the wild. You stay comfortably and warm overnight in our customized tent hide waking up early to await the lekk action.

What´s Included

Food and drinks

Warm sleeping bag, wool blanket, pillow

Customized tent hide

Customized camera setup

Simple toilet

What to bring

You need to bring:

Warm clothing

F.e Merino wool under clothing and socks

Woolen socks

Warm trousers and sweater

Warm beenie


Rubber boots/boots




Video camera

Extra battteries

The clothing must be "silent". If you have gore tex clothing that makes noises, put a big and warm woolen sweater over it, this will make it silent

Additional information

You will need warm clothing and rubber boots/boots

There will be a walk, 1 km distance, half of it on the marsh (the ground is solid where we walk but can be wet or frozen)

While walking, you don´t have on all warm clothing - as you will only be sweaty

Physical difficulty level moderate. If you are in need of exercise, it might feel challenging.


Black grouse courtship lekk
More details

Black grouse courtship lekk

Black grouse courtship lekk

Far out in the wilderness in the marsh the black grouses gather dressed to kill for courtships in dances and fights. Like ghosts the either appear or fly in by dusk. Who will be the one whom the hens finds most fit? Or will a goose hawk come and strike?

Before sun rise we head out to the marsh to watch the courtship of the black grouse. After the sun rise the males appear like ghosts dressed to kill among the tufts and hollows. The characteristic courtship song is the only thing breaking the morning silence. The dancing will commence and can be so wild that feathers be flying.
The black grouses may have been playing at this site for centuries. Everything can happen during the courtship - who will be the one succeeding the others? Or will there come a goshawk and try to prey one of the males?

The black grouse is also very watchful and great carefulness is needed as well as silence, to show regard. The excitement during the play is great and the courtship environment in the marsh is very scenic. Included is information about the black grouse, their living conditions and habitat as well as which precautions and regard to be taken during the activity. We travel and walk to the hide by the courtship grounds in good time before the sun rises. In the mystical darkness we sneak out in the shining of our head lamps. Let the courtship begin!

Of course this activity is possible to combine with our capercaillie lekk.

This includes

Overnight stay in a big and for photography customized tent hide. Coffee, tea and breakfast is included (there are veg. alternatives of course). Warm sleeping bag and blankets included as well as pillow. 1 stay at the hide. Additional nights/mornings in at the hide is possible to book. The guide accompanies you during the whole experience. 


Warm clothing necessary.

Time: 18 hrs
Start: 18:00 to 12:00 the day after
Place: The guided tours takes place in Tiveden
Price: 1 500 SEK
Participants: Max 4 guests

Meeting place

The guided tours takes place in Tiveden situated between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Meeting place is at gas station OK/Q8 in Laxå, next to highway E20. From Karlsborg: 55 km. From Askersund: 30 km. From Örebro: 55 km. There is a train station in Laxå. Transfer from train and airports are possible. All transfer during the stay is included.