Northern Lights - TeslaX Electric car Day Excursion

Our partner: Arctic Cruise

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Northern lights experience with Eco friendly Tesla Model X- only in the north of Norway, Tromsø

North Norway, Tromso is fortunate with unique natural phenomena, which can only be experienced in our region. People from all over the world come to Tromso to experience the magic Northernllights, Aurora Borealis in the fall and winter season. Its a Must do experienced.

The Northern lights are magical, but the Norwegian nature in Tromso is similar. On this evening we will hunt for the northernlights, but also give you a taste of how to experience the wilderness in the dark. With maximum 5 guests, we will give you the best and personal experience. While driving to our destination, we tell you about the city, what we see arround us and stories from this area. With only few guests we are super flexible regarding where we go and how long we stay there. As nornal we take pictures and share with you later. Our Tesla is very comfortable and quiet. 

We can also customize this tour for you as a private and then you will have an even better and more flexible experience.

What´s Included

Warm coffee, tea and Snack.

We have warm termal suits for our guests if needed

What to bring

Winter: Hat and mittens, warm shoe.

Additional information

Restriction: Max 300KM/charging (75KW battery).

In early season from end of august to medio september, departuretime is 22:00.  Due to light situation.  You will notified if we need to change deptarure time.Remember do add in your email when booking.