Local cuisines outside Riga city Center Day Excursion

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A private tasting tour in a car - the only way to see and taste eateries outside of Riga's touristy city center.
Through centuries Latvians have absorbed traditions and cuisines from all the cultures that has ruled in these lands - Germans, Swedes, Russians - and after all, even Soviet Union had it's own way of doing kitchen stuff. Maybe because of taste, but probably because of necessity latvians have acquired their own distinct taste for stuff and this tour is all about that.
First we'll visit the central market and have a taste of whatever seasonal products are available (around 5-6 different types of foods/drinks). Then we get in the vehicle and drive to visit 3 more places - a hip bakery, traditional canteen and a very local "workers cafeteria". So - if you book this, please come hungy.
Keep in mind - we mostly eat seasonal stuff, thus the foods can vary greatly from tour to tour, so the attached pictures are just an example.

What´s Included

Everything except alcoholic beverages

Additional information

  • Infants must not sit on laps
  • Infant seats unavailable
  • Not wheelchair accessible


More details

This is one of the very few main bazaars of European towns that still functions as an actual grocery market instead of being converted to a tourist trap selling souvenirs. Here you can have a peek in what local people actually shop for. You'll explore the world of Latvian cuisine by tasting a few traditional things depending on the season and - if you like them - shop for items to bring back home with you. You'll hear the stories of how and why the largest market of Europe at the time (and still) was built, and how it has managed to survive the otherwise victorious march of supermarket chains.