Westman Islands private tour

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This tour is private, max 5 passengers and we book tour not seats. We will pick you up from your hotel or accommodation in the greater capital area

Duration 12hours.

Vestmannaeyjar is a small group of islands off the south coast of Iceland, known locally as the westman islands. The islands are the newest island group, just 5000 years old and still active volcanically. The latest or youngest addition is Surtsey formed by volcanic eruptions that took place from 1963 to 1967. The island is protected providing the world a pristine natural laboratory.

It takes us around two hours to drive to the ferry Herjólfur wich will take us to Heimaey - the home island and the only island that is inhabited, population around 4,500. The distance between the ferry harbour in Landeyjar and the harbour in Heimaey is around 13,4km. Sailing time is 40min.

The tour includes, tour around the island and we will tell you about the eruption that took place in 1973 and explore the new lava field. We will visit a puffin nesting area. Go to Stórhöfði (Great cape) where we will walk with puffins and enjoy the scenery.

Popular sights:

  • The Elephant a natural rock fromation 
  • Eldfell - the volcano we can go in the middle of the crater.
  • Sprangan - a local activity in the islands. Spranga is like scaling and swinging e in the cliffs with a rope.
  • Herjólfsdalur - in the beginning of august the islanders have a festival called Þjóðhátið and here we can see ruins of a farmhouse of the first settler on the islands.

Museums (not included).

  • Beluga whales and a puffin sanctuary - here you can actually meet puffins and vistit little Gray and little White the Belugas.
  • Eldheimar - focuses on the eruption that took place in 1973 and the effect it had on the island and the people that lived there and live there.
  • Sagnaheimar Folk museum - The local history and the history of the islands.

Activity (not included)

  • Boat tour - You will see wildlife, nature, islands and sea caves.

We tailor all our tours and we want this tour to be your dream tour and our hope is that this day will be memorable.

We take the same or similar route back again and in the end of the day we take you to your hotels or accommaditon.

Please note: For your safety, we reserve the right to change tour due to weather conditions.  

If that happens we can offer another tour or another day or full refund. 


What´s Included

We offer personal guidance, comfortable vehicle, the ferry ride to and back from the island Heimaey.

We begin all  our tours with a brief meeting - we want this tour to be your dream tour - tell us what you want to do, ask all the questions you want to ask -make the most out of this tour.

Personal guidence on the island.

It takes us around two hours to drive to the ferry harbour - Landeyjahöfn and it takes about 35 minutes to sail from the Landeyjahöfn harbour to the main island,  Heimaey.

Not included

  • Museums
  • Meals

If you want to visit the museums, sail around the island and etc. we can arrange that for you.

What to bring

Good shoes

Warm clothes

  • your beautiful smile

Additional information

This tour can be weather dependent- if we have to cancel the tour because of weather we can offer another tour or full refund.

Infant seats are available.