Westman Islands - Elephant Rock

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The climb to the Elephants head begins in Herjólfsdalur where we will
ascend to the top of Dalfjall mountain, following a medium difficulty
hiking trail. We continue from Dalfjall to Blátindur summit, the
second-highest point of the island – 273 meters. From Blátindur we
descend to Halldórsskora. From the bottom of Halldórsskora to the
Elephants head we have secured fixed bolts with safety lines to make
sure we are safe. We provide a climbing harness so you can hook yourself
to the safety lines and experience the hike in a more relaxing manner.
We will stop on the Elephants head and have a break where you will get
your picture taken from distance from our photographer. You will get
plenty of time to relax, take photos and enjoy the view before we head

We will be in close proximity to a few bird species, including the
Puffin. The Puffin nests close to the Elephants head and you will be
able to see it if you visit during June-August season.

What´s Included


Climbing harness and gear

What to bring

Snacks and drinks.

Appropriate shoes and clothing.

Light outdoor backpack.

Additional information

Dress according to weather conditions.

All of our tours are dependent on the weather. 

We reserve all rights to cancel tours if weather conditions are unstable (wind/rain).