Delicious Golden Circle Private Food Tour One-day tour

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For many of us, food and sightseeing are equally important parts of the travel experience. On this tour you get to explore Iceland‘s sightseeing highlights on the Golden Circle and enjoy sampling delicious local food specialties at selected farm-to table establishments along the route.

The tour starts with an exploration of Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site with great historical and geolocial significance. Next we delve into food culture at Efstidalur, a dairy farm run by third-generation food lovers. While they make skyr, cheese and Icelandic sour milk, it's their ice creat that has really put them on the map. We'll get a taste of a variety of homemade Icelandic dairy foods, meat and fish at the farm.

From there we will continue to Gullfoss, one of the nation's most beloved waterfalls and then Geysir, a unique geothermal area rife with hot springs, gushing steam vents and bubbling mud pots before our next tasty exploration. Friðheimar geothermal greenhouse is a family-owned operation that grows hothouse tomatoes year round, as well as a range of other food products. Here you'll get to sample the harvest including sweet tomaties, mouth-watering chutneys and jams, as well as gain some insight into sustainable greenhouse horticulture.

On our way back to Reykjavik we will stop by Íslenski Bærinn Turf House for a taste of some traditional Icelandic treats like pancakes with whipped cream and rhubarb jelly, flat bread, and perhaps a sip of meadowsweet honey and hot tea brewed from Icelandic moss. The Turf House is one of Iceland’s best preserved turf farms, displaying the style of building that from the time of settlement kept Icelanders alive in the harsh Arctic climate.


What´s Included

  • Private tour with English guidance
  • Lunch and other food tastings


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*  Þingvellir 
*  Efsti Dalur
*  Gullfoss
*  Friðheimar Greenhouse
*  Íslenski bærinn Turfhouse
*  Geysir