Snowmobile Driving with Ice Fishing One-day tour

Our partner: Lapland Welcome Ltd


Join our full day snowmobile safari further to the wilderness and learn some ice fishing or make nature pictures during the day.

After the briefing we will learn to drive snowmobiles. We will drive into the snowy forests and on open snow fields after the guide. We will have one longer break for barbequing and warm beverages.

Our snowmobiles are Lynx Adventure ACE snowmobiles, modern, silent, ecologic and very easy to drive. On the ice fishing part you learn drilling ice and fishing tricks with the guide.

Transfers from your hotel to the starting point and back, all equipment, winter clothes and boots and are included. Light lunch is offered during the safari.

Solo driving is available by additional price. Minimum age is 10 on this safari.

The first snowmobile was created during the 20th century. With the shape of a sledge, it was intended for work to drive over snow and icy roads where other vehicles were not able to go. Stronger and faster it quickly replaced the sled dogs as a modern mode of transport. Nowadays, snowmobiles are mostly used for recreation.


Additional information

Each snowmobile is shared by two guests taking turns in driving. If you want to drive a snowmobile by yourself, without another guest, please add the solo driving supplement and enjoy the safari to the fullest! 

The driver of the snowmobile is held liable for damages caused to the vehicle. The maximum personal liability is 900 € per person / snowmobile / accident.

The self-liability waiver reduces the amount of maximum self-liability from 900 € to 200 €. The self-liability waiver costs 50 € per driver per safari and can be bought on our webstore as an optional for all our snowmobile safaris or on the spot before the safari. The self-liability waiver is personal. 

You will find both the solo-driving supplement and the self-liability waiver if you change the Rate to Supplements. These Supplements are available only for drivers.

Please, check the pick up time from your hotel on your ticket.