Northern Lights Trip and Overnight in a Snow Igloo One-day tour

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Attend our famous Northern Lights trip and spend a night in a snow igloo following Northern Lights. This is a really unforgettable and authentic arctic combination!

Even on our 45 minutes way out from Rovaniemi and artificial lights it is possible to see the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis if the weather is good. Afterwards we have a little walk up the hill where a comfortable wooden tepee is waiting for us. We make a fire in the tepee and enjoy warm beverages and barbeque snacks while watching the sky. The guide explains all about Northern Lights and the old mythology. The appearance of the lights is not guaranteed. The arctic starry sky is very beautiful. Spot the Big Bear and Polar Star, Northern Lights often appear just under the Polar Star. Listen to the stories about local life and nature by living fire. Experience some Lappish shamanism by open fire and see your future with our great Aurora guides!

Our Northern Lights trip has got excellent feedbacks already for years. This is because our Northern Lights spotting place is the best possible place in Rovaniemi area where are no other lights at all, northern sky is fully open and the weather is often clear even if it is cloudy or foggy in the town. By our long experience the right hours to be out there is 11-12 PM. Anyway you need some luck to see the lights because it is unpredictable even during the trip! Great surprises happen!

Why to book our organized trip? On this trip the weather is often better than in the city and you can see even the first thin lights once they appear. All kind of Northern Lights you see clearly because there is no artificial light in the air. The mountain has got a special micro climate that means open sky for most of the nights. The northern horizon is all visible and absolutely dark that is very important in Aurora hunting. This trip offers a great chance for taking pictures of Northern lights in the middle of beautiful arctic nature. Please also check the tour reviews on our TripAdvisor pages and join us – the Aurora experts! Please inform us early if you are a vegetarian or if you have any food restrictions.


Rovaniemi is one of the best places in the world for spotting the Northern Lights. It is located at the Arctic Circle where in general the chances to see the Northern Lights are very high. Also the climate in Rovaniemi area is continental that means clear sky for most of the evenings in the winter time at least on the mountains around the town.

But it is impossible to predict Northern Lights and weather reliably. Outside of the town on little mountains where we go the weather is often more clear than in the city of Rovaniemi. If you like you can follow Aurora forecasts and weather forecasts and then book as late as you feel it right. We recommend pages . There you can see how the clouds go and you also see how difficult it is to predict the weather for the night.

It happened already several times some people didn’t book the tour because they thought it is cloudy or not good for the lights. And finally that evening was the best Northern Lights evening with the most spectacular lights. What a pity if you were already in town and didn’t join our trip! We have decided that we always go if somebody books the trip, because it is always possible that we miss the lights if we do not go.

Please check our pick up times table for exact departure from your hotel.

After the Northern Lights trip you may enter the snow igloo. It is warm enough for sleeping as we offer you sleeping bags and appropriate winter clothing that keeps you warm also in these extreme conditions. However if you would feel uncomfortable, there is a warm bed indoors in reserve where you may sleep on a mattress. Breakfast is served in the morning. Return transfers from your accommodation, all equipment, winter clothes and boots are included.

Snow igloos have been used thousands of years in Lapland for overnight in the wilderness. It is an authentic experience which you will remember for a life time.


What´s Included

  • Transportation
  • Machinery / equipment
  • Guidance services
  • Sleeping bags
  • Winter adventure gears

What to bring

You can bring your own camera and adventure mood!

Additional information

This tour is guided in English but it is possible to request a language guide by email. 

We always offer the pick up and drop off service included in the price from our pick up list.