Long Reindeer Safari One-day tour

Our partner: Lapland Welcome Ltd


Visit the local reindeer farm and meet people living on the farm and their wild and trained safari reindeer. Participate on a long safari in the wilderness by driving your own reindeer while enjoying beautiful landscapes. The farm is situated some 130 km from Kemi to north. On the way we will see a lot of nature, forests and life in southern Lapland. Often we see also “wild reindeer” on the roads.

At the farm we meet local Lapps. They have been working and living at the farm over many generations. We start our day by practising catching a reindeer using Lappish lasso “suopunki”. Once you have proved your skills we proceed to harnessing.

Next we harness our reindeer ourselves and prepare for a long ride across the wild forest. Two persons travel per sleigh, taking turns to steer the reindeer. Depending on the snow level you may drive yourself or sit as a passenger on the sleigh.

During the safari we enjoy a break at the wilderness camp; we heat something warm to drink, barbeque sausages ourselves and follow the reindeer host frying pancakes over the open fire. After the break, we return to the farm taking an alternative route if possible. When the reindeer know we are returning home, they run for joy! All you have to do is enjoy the ride across snowscape and through the forests. Back at the farm we will get our reindeer driving licenses. It is also possible to buy souvenirs there.

Experience the greatest reindeer safari in Lapland and see a lot of life in Lapland!

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Additional information

We offer pick up from the main hotels in Kemi. The pick up time will be confirmed by email!