Thursday - Summer tour to Æduvik, Navia, Gøta and Fuglafjørdur One-day tour

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This experience start with a drive through the sub-sea tunnel between Tórshavn and Runavík, this is the sub-sea tunnel with a roundabout, so hopefully we take the right turn out of it.

Our first stop is in the beautiful village Æðuvík, where you can walk so close to the sea that you can almost touch it. In Æðuvík the locals see the sun rise from the ocean all year round. Located close to the village are the first windmills in the Faroe Islands, and we will drive to them and on a good day you can see almost all the islands in the Faroe Islands. In Toftir the local yarn brand Navia,, has a big shop with both yarn and locally produced sweaters.

Gøta is three smaller villages that have almost grown into one, but the locals insist on using all three names. Syðrugøta is widely known for it’s G! festival that is held annually in July. The special thing with this festival is that it is held on the beach. Gøtugjógv has one of the most magnificent churches in the Faroe Islands with glass windows made by Tróndur Patursson. In Norðagøta the old part of town is well preserved, and there is also a statue of one of the most important persons in the Faroe Islands saga, Tróndur í Gøtu.

Todays last visit is in Fuglafjørður, which is one of the largest fishing towns in the Faroe Islands (you may notice it on the smell of money). But it also has a cosy café, and an exciting, not widely known souvenir shop called Fjord.

Pick up: from 09:00 starts at Hotel Føroyar and than the other hotels.

What´s Included

Coach and guide.


Thursday - Summer tour to Æðuvík, Navia, Gøta, and Fuglafjørðu
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Thursday - Summer tour to Æðuvík, Navia, Gøta, and Fuglafjørðu

Pick up: from 09:00 starts at Hotel Føroyar and than the other hotels.

We drive from Tórshavn to Æðuvík, make a stop at the windmills, visit where you can buy Faroese knit clothing, stop to see the villages of Gøta, Gøta is actually 3 settlements, Syðrugøta, Gøtugjógv and Norðagøta.

Syðrugøta is known for its G! Festival. It is a music festival held annually in July. The festival is held outdoor with the village’s beach as the main stage. Gøtugjógv is known for their beautiful new church and Norðagøta for the beautiful old part of the town, with the old wooden church and the statue of Gøtu Trónda.

Fuglafjørður is one of the Faroe Islands' largest fishing towns, here you can see art and visit Fjord, which is a nice souvenir shop