Naissaar Island Beaches and Soviet military track One-day tour

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Experience the wonders of Naissaar (Women’s Island) with the aid of a personalized GPS-based audio guide. Along a 10.4 km trail, immerse yourself in a combination of awe-inspiring views, diverse wildlife, sandy beaches, and a wealth of history. Historic attractions include the mysterious gun battery no. 4 and a former top-secret Soviet military base, while scenic sites include the Hülkari Cape, the most beautiful beach on the island and rare primeval forest. All the while learning fascinating stories about this mystical island.

Hikers on this trail can choose at audioguide between different themes:

● Coastal folk theme: The history of the coastal Aibofolk people that combines interesting pieces of Soviet military base ruthless era.

● Military history of the island, not only the Soviets, but pointing out Danes, British and French as well.

● Island's diverse nature theme that also educates the listener about the most interesting facts from history and folklore.

Our audio guide allows people with different tastes to enjoy the same trek together while listening to different stories that interest them.

As a bonus, your adventure will begin and end in historic Lennusadam (Seaplane Museum Harbour, Tallinn).

What´s Included

Downloadable guide map on your smartphone (Android & iOS)
An activation link to access your tour
Offline content (text, audio narration, and maps) to avoid roaming charges

What to bring

Charged Smartphone and headphones 

Comfortable shoes and clothing

Additional information

  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Not stroller accessible
  • Infants must not sit on laps
  • Infant seats unavailable
  • The translations and audio guide is performed by robot.
  • There are strictly no sponsoring vendors displayed in tour map. All POI's are selected by our travel editors from the point of general tourist interest.
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