Aegna: Stone Maze and Valley of Boulders Tour Day Excursion

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Your trip will begin with an exciting boat ride from historic Seaplane harbour. At the arrival you will be greeted by a personalised audio guide who will accompany you through your hike.

Have a relaxing walk through the island's nature conservation area while listening to stories of the past. Wonder the Valley of Boulders, a truly impressive sight of more than 20 gigantic rocks, and end up in a mysterious stone maze where you have a chance to partake in an ancient ritual. Absorb the views of Tallinn panorama from a local beach and end your hike with a scenic overgrown gun battery.

To tailor the experience to your interests, you will be able to choose from one of the following options:

● The military history of the island combined with stories from folklore as well as nature.

● Island's diverse nature theme that also educates the listener about the most interesting facts from the past.

Our audio guide allows people with different tastes to enjoy the same trail together while listening to different stories that interest them.

What´s Included

- GPS-based navigator-audioguide 

- Boat tickets

What to bring

Walking shoes