London West End and Royal Opera House Private Walking Tour Day Excursion

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A behind the scenes look at a famous London theatre can be an eye-opening experience. Most theatres in London are impressive from the outside but when you visit theatres such as Drury Lane, the National or the Royal Opera House, the scale inside is hugely impressive, with a hidden world of costume departments, scene-building and technical magic. This tour explores the backstage life of the Royal Opera House, where you will see preparation for the shows (they do 20 a year), including set-building and props-making. Each tour is different from the last and runs from Monday to Saturday exploring areas of the theatre not normally seen and immerses you in the glitz and glamour of a West End production. There can be a pre-theatre dinner in Covent Garden District to prepare for an unforgettable night of a magnificent West End musical where you will have a truly memorable experience watching global smash hit musicals such as Mamma Mia, Matilda, School of Rock and The Phantom of the Opera.

What´s Included

Hand sanitizers and masks will be available in our vehicles for the best hygiene practice.

Additional information

  • Infant seats unavailable
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • This tour is designed for the Royal Opera House. In case of any ticket or slot unavailability, the National Theatre will be an alternative destination. Official Tour tickets are not included in the price and Tourope UK Ltd does not guarantee the seats or tickets.


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Speaking of gardens, be sure not to overlook Covent Garden. It is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a very popular shopping and tourist site. Not really gardens at all, the area is a spectacular array of theatres, shops (many people visit London just for the shopping) and more where the street performers compete with restaurants, bars, clubs and shops for tourists' attention. Covent Garden is also the prime destination of theatregoers and patrons of the Royal Opera House by night. It’s right situated in the heart of London’s Broadway West End. The area wasn’t used to be a fancy part of the city, however, series of developments after 70’s made this district as a prime destination of the tourists. Indeed, Covert Garden is one of the vibrant places of interests in London. It plays a great role in today’s cultural life with its theatres, restaurants, cafes, street performers, stalls, markets and many attractions. It’s a must-see place in London.

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The Royal Opera House tours will showcase other aspects of the Royal Opera House's beautiful building, and visitors will be given the opportunity to learn some little-known facts about the organization, as well as gain an insight into how they make costumes, sets and props, together with an overview of the stagecraft that underlies everything they do here at the Royal Opera House. Our professional guides will give you a better aspect of the soul of the West End in the combination of significant places, buildings and art life of London.